Big News — Github and Open AI has launched a new tool that generates its own code

Copilot, a new AI tool from GitHub and OpenAI that runs inside the Visual Studio Code editor and autocompletes code snippets, has been released as a technical preview.

It evaluates the code you’ve already written and creates new code that matches it, including previously executed functions. Even on the basis of comments, we can easily generate the code, it will automatically do that for us. Automatically developing the code to import tweets, make a scatterplot, or obtain a Goodreads rating are just a…

Windows has long served as a platform for global innovation. It’s where scrappy companies become household names, and it’s been the backbone of worldwide enterprises. On Windows, the internet was born and grew up. It’s where many of us wrote our first email, played our first computer game, and coded our first line. Windows is the platform that people use to create, connect, learn, and achieve — a platform that over a billion people use today.

We used our devices not only for meetings, seminars, and getting things done, but also to play games with pals, binge watch our favourite…

Tkinter is Python’s standard GUI library. When Python is used in conjunction with Tkinter, creating graphical user interfaces is quick and simple. The Tk GUI toolkit has a sophisticated object-oriented interface called Tkinter.

Tkinter is one of the most widely used Python GUI libraries for desktop application development. It’s a hybrid of the TK and regular Python GUI frameworks. Tkinter provides a wide range of widgets for use in graphical user interface applications, including labels, buttons, text boxes, and checkboxes.

Now we are being introduced to Tkinter Designer. Let’s get into it.

  • Tkinter Designer was created to speed up the…

Microsoft has finally released Power Bi in Jupyter Notebook.

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service by Microsoft enabling anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and high understanding. So Microsoft has introduced a new package for creating terrific power bi reports, dashboards and report visuals. They’ve also exported data from Power BI report visuals to a Jupyter notebook for more in-depth analysis. You may also utilise bookmarks to apply a saved view or filter the report for quick analysis.

You may now install the Power BI Client for Jupyter from PyPI with the updated package.

Data Science is defined as the process of obtaining valuable insights from structured and unstructured data by using various tools and techniques. Some of the techniques practised in data science include data extraction, data analysis, data mining, and data retrieval, to produce informative results.The person who perform such kind of job is called Data Scientist.There is high demand for data scientists. As of 2020, the average salary of data scientist in India as a Fresher starts at 6,00000 a year.

4 Key Points to Learn Data Science

  1. Theory:

A newly created technology known as GPT-3 has generated a lot of buzz and enthusiasm in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. Simply put, it’s an AI that’s better than anything else at creating material with a language structure — whether it’s human or machine language.

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What is Power Fx?

Power Fx is an open-source low-code programming language. Millions of users with Excel abilities can include advanced reasoning into their apps. Even the most seasoned Power Fx users can waste a lot of time looking for anything. …

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T-SNE stands for geometric T distributed Stochastic Neighbourhood Embedding. This is one of the state of art for dimensionality reduction especially for visualization of data. T-SNE is one of the youngest technique. Its paper was published in 2008 by the phenomenal group of researchers by Lawrence and Geoffrey Hinton. Geoffrey Hinton is the godfather of modern deep learning and a phenomenal researcher.

Geometric Intuition Behind T-SNE

T-SNE internally take every point and tries to embed them into low dimensional space such that we want to preserve the distance.

  1. Programming Language:-Python is one of the simplest and most common languages for beginners to start studying. Its open-source programming and a wide community.Data scientists’ top priority language because it has a simple syntax and in build libraries
  2. SQL Database :- Structured query language is a programming language which helps in operations like add, delete and extract data from a database and also helps in analytical functions and change database structures. It helps to give insights when a query is used in a database. It helps in time management and subdue the burden of large programming needed to perform difficult queries.

Statistics is considered as one of the toughest subjects for the students. It is not easy to learn a statistic without the best statistics books. So let’s start with a small introduction of Statistics.

Statistics is all about the data and the numbers. In fact, it provides the methods to perform a specific function on the given dataset and numbers. Best statistics books are the first priority to have a good command over statistics. Also, the best statistics books provide the students with calculation tips and tricks.

This is by no means a complete list — and in particular, I’m…

Microsoft Power BI vs Tableau is always a crucial battle for data analyst. Power BI provides plenty of features, likewise maps, support, coding language, etc. On the other hand, Tableau is well focused on to offer excellent data visualizations.

In past years both the Power BI and Tableau are becoming the key performers in the business intelligence tools. In the old era, Tableau was the only most reliable business intelligence tool. But later on, the Power BI come into existence.

And soon it became the close competitor of Tableau. Both of these tools provide a variety of features, strength, and…

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